Smart Navigation

Download your free marine navigation app!

Plan2Nav is the mobile free app designed by Jeppesen to put the power of trip planning and electrocnic navigation in your hands by bringing C-MAP cartography directly on your smartphones or tablets. It’s the ideal tool for voyage-planning tasks like mapping out a route, setting waypoints and measuring course and distance for each leg of the journey.

Available on Apple’s App Store and on Google Play, Plan2Nav includes a worldwide background map at no cost.
To unlock the full potential of this unique planning tool, you can purchase at an affordable price the latest Jeppesen charts with advanced C-MAP 4D MAX coverage along with powerful features, including:

  • Detailed harbor charts with Jeppesen’s exclusive C-Marina Port Database, marina diagrams and aerial images;
  • Dynamic Tides and Current Predictions for added safety, better fishing and more efficient cruising;
  • Detailed depth and land elevation data for a more informative, realistic chart presentation;
  • Charts that can be viewed in 2D or Jeppesen’s unique Perspective View format;
  • Accurate, up-to-date NavAid positions for safer navigation.

Once the upgraded charts are purchased and downloaded, they stay recorded on the device for full accessibility, even when no wireless connection is available.

So what are you waiting for? Download Plan2Nav to improve your experience on the water, whether you’re a sailor, a cruiser or a fisherman and start planning your next journey.

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